Knitting 101

How to knit for beginners






Welcome to the world of knitting!

No need to feel intimidated, we’re only focusing on the basics in this tutorial. As you go through each step on this page, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge that you need to start knitting anything you can dream of!

Beginners tips and tricks:

1. Create in whatever way that is most comfortable to you. Learning how to knit shouldn’t be a pain!

2. If you mess up, that’s alright! If you mess something up, you can always learn from the mistake and start over.

3. HAVE FUN! Enjoy the process of creating and making something with your own hands. 🙂


Part 1:

The Slip Knot

The most important thing any knitter should know is how to make a slip knot.

Slip knots are the very first step to almost any knitting project, and knitting would be a bit more difficult without it!

Part 2:

Casting on

Now that you’ve got the slip knot ready on your needle, let’s move on to casting on new stitches!

Let’s say we want to knit a REALLY wide scarf. To get our scarf how we want it, we need to add more stitches to our needle. The more stitches we “cast on”, the wider our piece of work will be when we are done with it!

Part 2:

Casting on

Part 3:

The Knit Stitch

There’s is now some stitches on our needle, awesome! Lets start adding length to our knit piece by knitting some knit stitches!

The knit stitch is one of two main stitches used in knitting. If you look at the image above, each knit stitch looks like a ‘V’!

Part 4:

The Purl Stitch

You’ve learned the knit stitch, so learning this one should be very familiar!

Purling a stitch is the opposite of knitting one. Instead of looping through the stitch from the front, we loop from the back! When working a purl stitch, you’ll notice that it creates a cool dashed pattern across your knit piece.

Part 5:

The Slip Stitch

You’ve now learned a majority of the basics, but what if i don’t want to do anything to a stitch on my needle?

That’s where the slip stitch comes in handy! This stitch is seen in many knit patterns and can be used to add texture or shape a knit.

Part 5:

The Slip Stitch

Part 6:

Casting Off

You’ve got a finished piece of knitting on your needles, but how do you get it off of the needles? Casting off, of course!