In most knitting projects, the very first thing you’ll end up doing is the well-known and always welcome, slip knot.


This knot plays a key role in lots of yarn crafting projects, so let’s learn how to make one!

Things you’ll need:


  • Yarn of choice

  • Needles (or crochet hook) of choice




  • If you need to start over, just pull on both ends of the yarn. You’ll see the knot “slip” and then unravel itself!

Step 1

Make a loop with your yarn. (Make sure the tail crosses on top!)


Step 2

Insert your hand into the loop from back to front.


Step 3

Grab the working end of the yarn and pull it through the loop.


Step 4

Put loop on a knitting or crochet hook and pull on the working yarn to tighten!


What do I do now?


Now that you’ve learned a primary step in knitting (and crocheting), you can learn how to cast stitches onto a needle!


Check out the How to Cast On Stitches: Longtail Cast-on article to learn how to cast on and get that project rolling!

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